Tequila Tri Tip

by Casie
(Belleville, MI)

1 Tri-tip roast
1 Ziploc bag
1/2 White onion diced
1 Bunch cilantro diced (In North America, this refers to the leaves of the coriander plant, sans seeds)
1 Clove garlic diced
2 Tbsp sea salt
2 Tbsp fresh cracked black pepper
1/2 of a lime squeezed
1 Shot of tequila (2 tablespoons, US or Commonwealth)
1 Shot of water

Place your tri-tip roast on a piece of aluminum foil for easy clean up. Poke holes into one side of the roast with a fork. Rub all sides of the roast with the sea salt and pepper. Inside the Ziploc bag put onion, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, tequila, water and the roast. Put the roast in the refrigerator, to marinate, for 2 hours. Flip the roast over a few times during the 2 hours.

Prepare your grill and cook. Enjoy!

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