Our Smoker Recipes Evolved from Years of Backyard Barbecue Research

We discovered that our smoker recipes and barbecue methods were almost identical.

We're Bob and Jack, the "Cookin' Cousins", and our family's 102 year old patriarch, critic, and fan, Tony. 

Bob is cooking (as usual)...Tony reigns...Jack is the site scribe.

Well, I'm not the best writer, but I love the subject!


After many years apart, (building careers, raising families, ad nauseum) Bob and Jack came together and discovered we shared a passion for smoking meat, or barbecue! We also found that in our respective years of backyard barbecue research, we had developed basically the same methods and smoker recipes. Many folks asked us "how do you do that?" So our great barbecue web site adventure began!

We believe that "Barbecue is the mystical communion of fire, smoke, and meat". Bob started it all...


Bob practiced his trade as a journeyman carpenter for many years, until his wrists gave up. So, what did an experienced carpenter do when he couldn't play with wood? He pursued a successful 25 year career as a manager of propane companies. And he barbecued!

Bob's passion for barbecue is legendary with his family, friends and community. During his 40+ years of barbecuing darn near anything edible, he has been seen cooking in the snow, rain, dark, and days hotter than a barbecue pit!

He's barbecued for himself, his small family, the family reunions, and a whole western American town. Yep, for years he sponsored an annual barbecue benefit in Alturas, California. And he doesn't care where the fire comes from.

Whether it's a deep pit barbecue with hardwood logs smoldering, a camp fire, or the cheapest or best cookers available, Bob's smoker recipes are magic! He is the major contributor for this site's Western American barbecue theme. But Bob hates to write.


Tony, Bob's Dad (Jack's beloved Uncle), is our primary critic, fan, and the family's 102 year old patriarch!


After 21 years with the U.S. Navy, and 20+ years in civilian life, I've had the opportunity to barbecue in several regions of America, many countries, and aboard ships! Virtually every culture I've encountered has a tradition of barbecue. And many of the local "masters-of-the-fire" willingly shared their priceless "secrets". All bestowed wonderful lessons that I added to my chest of barbecue techniques, and smoker recipes.

I then pursued a degree in Computer Network Technology and graduated only to discover that nobody wanted to hire an "old guy". O.K., I didn't want to work for anybody anyway. And neither did Bob.

But we both needed to keep busy, and if we could, make some extra greenbacks to supplement our retirement incomes. We wanted to do something that we enjoyed. So we brainstormed...

We barbecued.

We tried several ventures, to no avail.

We barbecued.

And then the light went on...

What if we could pass on our smoker recipes, and barbecue experience, on a web site? Sounded great, but little did we know...

The Great Adventure

You know the hype and empty promises that abound on the net! If you have ever entertained the idea of building your own site, you know exactly what I'm saying. Now, I am no stranger to research, so with Bob's assistance, decided to wade through the swamp of "cheap, quick-and-easy" promises. We spent months trying to find out how to go about building a successful site.

I'm tech-savvy, but boy did I get stuck.

We found tons of information, read until our brain hurt, and concluded that this was going to be a protracted, expensive process. So we rolled up our sleeves, and continued the search for a definitive resource that could put it all together.

And then we found it.

"The Super Affiliate Handbook", by Rosalind Gardner. The book was touted as well written, the author as credible, and an excellent resource for building a successful web site. So, we read it, and agreed with the reviewers. We also checked out many of the resources she suggested.

Then we saw "it"... Bam!

She referred to Ken Evoy's "Site Build It".

So we went to the site, and never finished Rosalind's book!


Research. Bob and I read everything we could find about Dr. Ken Evoy.


We discovered that this extraordinary man is not only the CEO of the very respected web hosting company, a Canadian physician, who formerly taught and practiced emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, but also a highly successful entrepreneur and well-respected Internet Marketer throughout the world. Whew, what a mouthful. But that's not all!

He is the author of several highly-acclaimed e-books. So we ordered some of them, and we read them, "cover-to-cover". Our highly tuned "truth-detector" senses told us we were on the right track. We felt that he, and his company, were credible. So we decided to give his company a try, based on our research and the fact that it had a money back guarantee, and we have never looked back.

All of our questions were answered, even many we didn't know to ask!

We didn't have to learn all of the "techie" stuff to build a successful web site. We found a program with a point-and-click system that has helped us develop, build, host, and promote, our fun site. And with an astounding package of tools we could collectively never afford, even if we had known that we needed them.

So our semi-retirement web-business journey began... and continues to grow.

We work from our homes! We loved that idea, as our barbecue cookers, and computers, are at our homes. We use, and develop, our smoker recipes from our backyards, driving the neighbors nuts!

We cook and write at our own leisure, in our "grubbies", with no bosses. Well, we do have the grand patriarch, Tony. But he is a benevolent critic!

Tony retired 37 years ago. He is fascinated by the fact that we two "youngsters" are spending our retirement time sharing our passion to barbecue, with an information site. Can you imagine what a 102 year old gentleman could pass on to us all?

But really, virtually every person, retired or not, has knowledge and skills gained from life experience.

You have a hobby, or a passion? We just plied ours with the Site Build it! process for our own enjoyment and income.

Now, to be very honest, this is not a "get-rich-quick" path to success. To the contrary. But, we have found it to be the simplest process, and a very inexpensive alternative to a "brick-and-mortar" business.

We have found the free "Choose It!" decision making software to be invaluable throughout the process.

This simple-to-use program has gave us the clarity to formulate our site direction!

It takes work, and a real entrepreneurial spirit. But, we get to share our passion, work from home, make some bucks, and have fun!

But enough blah, blah, about us. We hope you enjoy our information site, our passion, and our respect for the Site Build It! family.

If you wish to pursue your own web site/business, click the image below to see how real folks like us, have a real business, and make real money.

And have fun! 


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These folks are the real thing! 

Now, Let's Barbecue! 

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