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Let's Barbecue!

The "Cookin' Cousins, Jack and Bob

Grandma's cole slaw

1-head green cabbage 1-cup miracle whip 1-cup white sugar 2-tablespoons chives 8oz apricot nectar Cut cabbage up, and mix all other ingredients together

Continue reading "Grandma's cole slaw"

Simple Pecan Smoke

Can't find pecan wood, NO problem just shell those pecans you got laying around, soak the shells in water and you got a GREAT pecan smoking wood of sorts.

Continue reading "Simple Pecan Smoke"

South Jersey BBQ Sauce (by way of Sydney, Australia)

This is a take on my beloved grandmothers' recipe which I have altered slightly. I just used it on some pulled pork I did in the smoker, and it was loved

Continue reading "South Jersey BBQ Sauce (by way of Sydney, Australia)"

Salt Lake Candaleria recipe

Apply lemon juice to all sides of tri tip... use plenty. Sprinkle garlic salt, season salt, garlic powder, and Tones Cajun Seasoning. You can also add

Continue reading " Salt Lake Candaleria recipe"

Barbecue "Somewhere" in Iraq

While deployed to “somewhere” in Iraq, we Southerners wanted a little taste of the States (Southern Style). And being in an oil rich country like Iraq,

Continue reading "Barbecue "Somewhere" in Iraq"

Smokin wood

Try using pecan shells soaked in warm water for an hour or so as your wood source for ribs. Nice sweet flavor and easy to get. Just shell your pecans and

Continue reading "Smokin wood"

Santa Maria Teriyaki Tri-tip

I have been doing this recipe for 30 years, and have made tri-tip Bar-B-Q for up to 120 people; its always a hit. First, the marinade, known as John's

Continue reading "Santa Maria Teriyaki Tri-tip"

Plywood, Bolt Cutters and Stolen British Meat... My 4th of July Story.

For months we had been occupying a house on the outskirts of an Iraqi city and for that entire time we had nothing but frozen food labeled Fit For Prison

Continue reading "Plywood, Bolt Cutters and Stolen British Meat... My 4th of July Story."

My Secret Rub for Beef Fajitas

I use a simple combination (why complicate things?) of Lawrys Meat Tenderizer, McCormick Season All (now Mortons Season All) seasoned salt, and Bolner's

Continue reading "My Secret Rub for Beef Fajitas"

Donna's Fabuolus Fried Green Tomatoes

Get ready with: 3-4 medium sized green tomatoes 1-2 eggs 1 cup corn meal 1/2 cup flour vegetable oil for frying Slice tomatoes to a medium thickness.

Continue reading "Donna's Fabuolus Fried Green Tomatoes"

Simple Dry Rub Recipes That Work Wonders

Dry rub recipes secrets! You can follow our proven, simple recipes to ensure your barbecue fame, and can call it your own!

Continue reading " Simple Dry Rub Recipes That Work Wonders"

Barbecue Brisket in a Smoker

It's easy to Barbecue Brisket in a smoker when you use the "Cookin' Cousins" 6 Secrets, and our step-by-step recipe...

Continue reading "Barbecue Brisket in a Smoker"

An Easy Pulled Pork Recipe for Your Barbecue Smoker

You want a pulled pork recipe to establish your backyard barbecue fame? Use your smoker, and follow this proven method the "pros" know...

Continue reading "An Easy Pulled Pork Recipe for Your Barbecue Smoker"

Barbecue Beef Ribs Recipe in Your Smoker

Traditional Beef Ribs for your barbecue smoker. The "Cookin' Cousins" help you attain the results the "rib- joints" know...

Continue reading "Barbecue Beef Ribs Recipe in Your Smoker"

Beef Ribs on Your Charcoal Grill

Beef Ribs cooked low and slow, on your charcoal grill, will secure your backyard barbecue fame!

Continue reading "Beef Ribs on Your Charcoal Grill"

Beef Ribs for Your Gas Grill

The "Cookin' Cousin's" Beef Ribs for your gas grill will secure your backyard barbecue fame, following our sure-fire, step-by-step method...

Continue reading "Beef Ribs for Your Gas Grill"

Barbecue Pork Roast Recipe for Pulled Pork or Smoked Pork Butt

Chef Bob's barbecue pork roast recipe for succulent pulled pork, or smoked pork butt...

Continue reading "Barbecue Pork Roast Recipe for Pulled Pork or Smoked Pork Butt"

Pulled Pork Recipe For Your Grill

Our pulled pork recipe guides you through the indirect cooking method using your BBQ grill to attain that succulent, fall apart, smoked pork wonder...

Continue reading "Pulled Pork Recipe For Your Grill"

Hag's Pork Rub

What I love about this recipe are the two main flavors that seem to get people's attention. One is the curry and the other is fajita seasoning. These two

Continue reading "Hag's Pork Rub"

My BBQ in the Atalantic

I served on a submarine for 20 years. We took a new construction submarine down to the sound trials area and we surfaced for a swim call. We had a couple

Continue reading "My BBQ in the Atalantic"

Just a Peach of a Salsa (two great peach salsas)

Peach Salsa Recipe Ingredients · 2 cups chopped, peeled fresh peaches · 1/4 cup chopped sweet onion · 3 Tablespoon lime juice · 2 to 3 Tablespoon

Continue reading "Just a Peach of a Salsa (two great peach salsas)"

Smoking Chicken is Easy!

Smoking Chicken is magic! Here are the secrets to melt-in-your-mouth, smoke flavored, roasted chicken that's far easier than grilling.

Continue reading "Smoking Chicken is Easy!"

Beer Can Chicken

Call it beer can chicken, or beer butt chicken, The Cookin' Cousins' show you the greatest way to roast the world's most favorite fowl!

Continue reading "Beer Can Chicken"

Perfect Grilled Onion

This is one of my family's favorite grilled onion recipes. It is very easy, and taste wonderful. The recipe includes directions for one serving. I hope

Continue reading "Perfect Grilled Onion"

Tequila Tri Tip

1 Tri-tip roast 1 Ziploc bag 1/2 White onion diced 1 Bunch cilantro diced (In North America, this refers to the leaves of the coriander plant, sans seeds)

Continue reading "Tequila Tri Tip"

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