Your Easy Smoked Turkey Recipe for the Holidays, or Anytime!

Our smoked turkey recipe is the result of a quest for the easiest method to attain that perfectly smoked turkey. You don't need any special seasonings, spices, or other ingredients because...the hardwood smoke is the seasoning! But if you like a rub, as we do at times, our recipe includes suggestions to enhance your experience. We believe that...

"Barbecue is the Mystical Communion of Fire, Smoke and Meat" 

The 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat

  1. Great Meat
  2. Great Spices
  3. Great Tools (grill, tongs, thermometers, etc...)
  4. Heat Control
  5. Timing
  6. Smoke

Please visit our "The 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat" page, for competitor level barbecue tips!

We have cooked many, many turkeys in our 80+ accumulated years of cooking experience, and our favorite recipe hails from the American founder's method. They prepared a readily available native American fowl, placed it in the hearth over the always-present hardwood coals, and slowly roasted it to perfection.

Yep, no burnt fowl on their table; just the wonderful infusion of wood smoke.

When smoking a turkey, the meat doesn't know the source of the heat. Period. That wonderful smoked turkey flavor comes from the hardwood chunks/chips placed in the cooker.

So, visit our "The 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat" page, for tips on buying the right turkey, get your smoker or grill ready, and we'll put it all together starting with our recipe.

Got a charcoal, gas or electric smoker? Fantastic! This recipe is the easiest way to establish your fame.

Have a gas or charcoal grill? Yes, you can smoke a turkey on your favorite backyard cooker. Just follow our tried and true method!

Lets Barbecue!

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