Smoked Brisket Recipes for Your Backyard Cooker

barbecue brisket

Barbecue Brisket on our Gas Grill

barbecue brisket

Barbecue Brisket in our Smoker

Our smoked brisket recipes will show you how to get that succulent, smoked brisket of the "pros", whether you use a barbecue grill or smoker. We believe that...

"Barbecue is the Mystical Communion of Fire, Smoke and Meat"

Add a spice rub, roast the brisket with hardwood chips, slowly, with low heat and a constant exposure to the aromatic smoke, and you have a time honored smoked brisket that is a mouth-watering traditional Texas staple!

Don't have a smoker or "pit"? our recipe will show you how brisket can be smoked on a grill, with an indirect heat source (charcoal/gas), a pan of water, and a smoker-can (or aluminum foil pouch) of hardwood chips. Read on, and we'll put it all together, starting with a quick review of...

Our "6 Secrets to Smoking Meat" page, and the following tips, for a successful barbecue brisket!

Patience is a must for this highly addictive, inexpensive and easy to roast, cut of beef. Brisket is inherently tougher than the more expensive cuts, but slow roasting (think 1.5 - 2.0 hours/lb.), and low heat produce a tender, moist, highly flavorful delight that can make your backyard fame!

Start the day before. That is; mix and apply your rub ingredients to the brisket, the day before fire time, to allow maximum effect of the spices infusing with the meat. A competitor secret!

Now, choose your smoked brisket recipe, and let's barbecue!

Got a charcoal/gas grill? We'll show you a step-by-step method using this recipe.

Got a smoker? Fantastic! Gas or charcoal, this recipe will guide you to smoked brisket fame.

Need a "knock-'em-dead" rub for that brisket? Try one of our favorite Texas-style rubs

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