The "Cookin' Cousin's" Barbecue Beef Rib Recipes

Bob Smoking Ribs on the Grill

Ribs in the Smoker

Our beef rib recipes will show you how to barbecue the fast becoming popular, succulent, super flavorful alternative to our barbecue pork rib recipe, whether you use a barbecue grill, or barbecue smoker.

We believe that...

Barbecue is the mystical communion of fire, smoke, and meat,

and our recipes are the best step-by-step way to your backyard barbecue fame.

The 6 Secrets

  1. Great Meat
  2. Great Spices
  3. Great Tools (smoker, grill, tongs, thermometers, etc...)
  4. Heat Control
  5. Timing
  6. Smoke

Please visit our "6 Secrets to Smoking Meat" page, for competitor level backyard barbecue tips! 

Historically, "barbecue" is meat roasted slowly over hardwood coals, with low heat, and a constant exposure to the aromatic smoke. "Grilling" is cooking at high heat for a shorter period of time, and is often confused with barbecuing.

The "Cookin' Cousins" barbecue (low and slow, with indirect heat) to attain the same incredible, smoked wonders that they charge a small fortune for at the "barbecue joints".

Beef ribs are inherently tough to chew when cooked too quickly. They are full of sinew, the tough connective fibers that hold meat to the bone, and require an extended cooking period to make tender. Then there is the meat...

We always prefer the "choice" grade of beef for all of our barbecue, as the additional marbling of fat greatly enhances the flavor, and tenderness. However, the "select" grade, generally offered at most stores, are wonderfully tender, and full of smoked, beefy flavor, when barbecued low and slow!

A smoker is the easiest way to cook this crowd-pleaser, however if all you have is a grill, worry not...

Pick one of our step-by-step recipes for your grill, or smoker, and we'll guide you to your place as a backyard barbecue champion.

Now... Let's Barbecue!

Beef rib recipes for your gas grill We'll show you a simplified method to get that wonderful smoked meat.

Got a charcoal grill? Your fame is cinched with these sure-fire steps.

Got a smoker? Fantastic! Gas or charcoal, this is the best way to your barbecue fame.

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