Our Easy Barbecue Pork Roast Recipe for Your Smoker or Grill

Our barbecue pork roast recipe, slow roasted over an aromatic hardwood smoke, is an easy, inexpensive way for a "greenhorn" barbecuer to win endless accolades!

So for smoked pork butt, or pulled pork, you backyard "tong-wielders" will enjoy the simple steps of our recipe secrets. All to give you one of the most succulent, tender, and flavorful meats our primitive instincts crave!

Our recipe was developed from the belief that...

"Barbecue is The Mystical Communion of Fire, Smoke and Meat".

Smoked pork roast has been around since humans hunted those dangerous, fast moving wild swine. Slow cooked over a wood fire, our ancestors devoured their hard gotten reward for eons, hence...

We've developed a primal appetite for this entree. But cutting utensils were primitive, making it hard to share the fare. If the meat was left on the fire a little longer...

You can easily pull it apart. Pulled pork! A pork roast must be cut, rather than "pulled".

The method for cooking barbecue pork roast is fundamentally the same as pulled pork, except for the finished internal temperature. Pork roast is done earlier, at a close-to-the-center temperature of 140 deg. F. (60 deg. C.), whereas pulled pork is done when it reaches approximately 190 deg. F. (88 deg. C.).

Most of us do not have the space, time or inclination to use the traditional hardwood-log, fire-pit method to barbecue so...

We wrote this recipe, from our experience with wet-pan type backyard smokers, and BBQ grills, for our backyard barbecue chefs.

Chef Bob's barbecue pork roast recipe, or pulled pork recipe will give you an exceptionally moist, tender roast, perfect as is. However many folks like to have a "finishing", or table sauce, with their meat. This can be any barbecue sauce you enjoy, or a traditional "Southern U.S. vinegar based barbecue sauce" served in a bowl along with your pulled pork.

 So pick your cooker, and let's get started...

Smoker folks, Please visit our "Barbecue Pork Roast Recipe or Pulled Pork Recipe For Your Smoker" page, for traditional smoked pork recipe.

Barbecue grill folks, Look at our "Pulled Pork Recipe For Your Grill" page, for a competitor level pulled pork recipe for your charcoal or gas grill.

Let's eat!

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