Easy, Free Smoker Recipes to Secure Your Barbecue Fame!

How do you do that? Friends and family often ask us for our "secret" smoker recipes for our wonderful, succulent smoked meat.

So we built this site!

OK - you've looked through the recipe books, done the on-line search for that perfect recipe, and like most of us, are overwhelmed! How do you know what's what?

Well, worry no more fellow "Tonger" (one who wields the tongs at the fire!). The "Cookin' Cousins", Bob and Jack, reveal our smoker recipes, and our 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat...all to guarantee a sure-fire path to your backyard notoriety! 

Chef Bob shows off one morning's fun! 

"Barbecue is the Mystical Communion of Fire, Smoke and Meat!"

Barbecue is not grilling! Barbecue is the traditional method of cooking meat over low heat, exposing the meat to a wonderful aromatic, hardwood smoke...

No backyard BBQ smoker? Worry not! You can smoke meat on a grill! Our smoking meat recipes explain how to get those "lip-smackin" results, without one of those fast-becoming-popular meat smokers.

Heed our priceless experience smoking meat in a backyard BBQ smoker, follow our proven smoked meat recipes, and you will develop a passion for this wonderful American culinary art form.

Smoking meat is a passion! All smoker recipes, and techniques, are developed by patience and experience. Here we pass on our passion gained from hard learned lessons, and many years of backyard research, so you can enjoy the experience without the pain of ruining good meat... So, let's barbecue!

The Greatest Barbecue Recipes.com is designed to give you only our best BBQ recipes, and our favorite methods for preparation, in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-read format, and it's all free!

We have sprinkled highlighted words (or phrases) throughout the site that, when "clicked" on, will take you to information, or recommendations we know will produce that wonderful smoking meat experience.

And it's all just a cyber-rodent touch away!

So... pick a recipe, heed our priceless advice, relax with your favorite libation, and receive the endless accolades! 

Site Build It!

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